Slow Motion Ambitious

(without method)

This is just an idea. I haven’t yet come up with an actual method to accomplish this.

A card is placed face down at the end of the spread. The magicians waves his hand (Cardini Change), vanishing

the card, and then spread the deck, revealing that the card has traveled into the spread. The action is repeated

until the card arrives to the top.

The only way I thought of how to do this is by having cards side-jogged and hidden under the spread, but it is

unnatural and difficult to retain some in that position while inserting one in the deck. But maybe some of you would like

to work on it. If you come up with something, shoot me a message.

5:00 P.M. – 3,186words/11 ideas

I’m good. Chill and good.

It seems I didn’t write or come up with anything during this period. Must have eaten, watched stand-up comedy

or listened to music.

Or, you know, maybe I just didn’t come up with anything (hahaha, let’s be realistic).

8:00 P.M. – 3,231 words/11 ideas


It has been almost 10 hours now since I have not moved my ass off this chair. 14 more hours to go.

It’s funny how at the beginning of the project I thought that 24 hours will not be enough and that I should go

for 30 or 48 hours. Hahahaha! It’s so funny now that I think about it. 48 hours?! Maybe 72, then I MIGHT think about it.

“Forget your imagination and you’ll become very courageous” (or something like that). I remember when I was

little and I had just begun magic I would go and show magic to anyone. Didn’t matter when or where, didn’t matter if

they were talking on the phone, if they were with their lover making out or if they were clearly hurrying somewhere. I

never thought about the fact that I might disturb them. Who doesn’t wanna see magic?! I never thought that they

might say no. And they did. Almost every time. But I just went to the next person, and to the next person, and so on,

and so forth, until someone said ‘Yes.’. And someone did say ‘Yes.’ eventually. It was when I started being a little good

that I started using my imagination. Both in the magic field and in the fear field.

Tenkai Elevator

They say you can’t have good ideas without bad ones.

This is a really bad one.

Here, decide for yourself.

Have a double inserted half-way through the deck towards the lower half of the packet.

Tenkai palm the top card while spinning the double.

Insert palmed card at a higher position and spin it while Tenkai palming the bottom card (this is done with the

help of your middle and ring finger).

Repeat the process until their selection rests on top.

Blow your brains out for practicing such a thing.

Triumph Reversal

Deck is held in Mechanics Grip and right hand grips the deck from above.

Break the deck using your thumb and let the packet fall down in your hand (like in preparation to execute a

Classic pass).

Using your left thumb, drag the top card to the left on the bottom of the deck (the packet is reversed in this

motion and the selection covers the face up card).

Done in an off-beat moment, it will go unnoticed (you don’t need to have the spectator burn the deck. and why

would you give him a flamethrower in the first place?).

This puts you in a perfect position to perform a triumph (hence the name).

1:00 A.M.–3,615 words/ 13 ideas


My back has officially started a revolt. The pain is numbing my muscles and it’s making me sleepy. My ass

REALLY hurts. Still have not felt the need to shit (VICTORY!). I’m afraid I might fall asleep again and I’m 11 hours away

from the goal. Creating is going ok, I suppose. No. It is going ok.

I have to start writing anything. I’m starting to feel tired and I’ve already closed my eyes for a couple of

seconds while having my head relaxed on the table (AGAIN!!!!). I’m really contemplating whether or not I should drink

the last energy drink. What do you think? What? I know you told me yesterday as well, but what about today? Well,

again, while we were discussing whether to drink it or not, I already opened and started drinking it.

I think the project chart would be something like this: trying not to fall asleep 20%; eating and drinking 5%;

writing 15%, creating magic 40%, searching for music/surfing the Internet 20%.

My best effects were when I believed in myself and in Magic. Were when I didn’t think an effect through, I just

did it. And to my surprise, I almost never failed. I want to mention that I was under the influence of alcohol when I

tried any of these stuff (the only reason I turned all diplomatic and didn’t use the word “drunk” is because “drunk”

is on another level than I-had-a-few-glasses-of-wine/whisky and I felt good). But, yeah, my point is: be bold. Not all of

the times, but from now and then. It’s fun and magical for both the spectator and you (just don’t show you’re

amazed when you pull certain things out – apparently, it’s not your job to be amazed at your own stuff).

First thing I do after I get off this chair? Go and take a shower. No - go and walk around the house. No - burn

the chair. Yeah, that’s it. A bit too harsh, you think? Hang it? JUST PUT IT ASIDE?? What’s this, Canada? Jokes aside,

I will really try to sit down as little as possible for a couple of days (First thing I did was kiss my legs. Didn’t see that

coming hahaha).

Best reaction I have ever received from a magic effect happened around 2 years ago. I was performing

magic to a crowd of 15-20 people, when in the middle of the performance this guy (he was in his 40s) grabs me firmly

by the hand and asks me: ‘Boy. What you’re doing, is it magic, or not?’ I could tell by his eyes that he was genuinely

curios. I didn’t smile. I just looked directly into his eyes and replied, ’Yes.’. As soon as my words left my mouth he

released his grip from my hand, clapped once really hard and followed up with one of the biggest smiles I have ever

seen, saying -no , yelling- : ‘I KNEW IT!!’. It was so beautiful. His eyes shone like those of a 5 year old seeing Santa’s gift

under the Christmas tree. Moments like this are why we started doing magic in the first place. Of course, the guy

asked me to make his mistress vanish so that his wife wouldn’t find out, but that’s another story.

Almost fell asleep because I didn’t realize that my eyes were shut off. Finally came around when I was just

sitting too well with my eyes closed. My heart’s dancing to the bass of the songs I’m listening to.

The Families

Here’s a story to which you can add an effect/routine.

The performer tells the spectator that each suit represents important human needs.

Diamonds - love;

Spade - significance/importance/fame;

Clubs - power;

Hearts - money;

To further demonstrate his point of view, the magician pulls out of his pocket 4 piles of cards.

1st pile/spade pile:

- all the people portrayed on the court cards are beautiful;

- the Q is the only one that has something else besides a flower in her hand (I don’t know what if this means

something, but it has to). She is also the prettiest from all the Queens.

- they are the only ones looking to the right (along with the JC, who is a spy).

2nd pile/diamond pile:

- they’re the most simple dressed;

- lady looks tired;

- king extends hand to offer help;

- the Jack has the eyes of a merciful person.

3rd pile/club pile:

- you can see just how evil they are by their face (the fuckers). They look not too kind, and not ok. (FM: what the

fuck am I talking about?)

4th pile/heart pile:

- they are dressed the prettiest from all of the piles;

- the Jack has a leaf in his hand (you can associate it with the color green -> money);

- they all have the most green on themselves;

- the King commits suicide, something typical of people that are very rich.

Note from FM: And then, this is what I wrote.

- the JS and the QS are married. The JC is fucking the QS;

- the JH and the KD are best friends (”I watch your back, you watch mine, right?”);

- the KS and the KH are a gay couple;

- the KC and the QC are married and have 3 kids: the QH(oldest), JD(middle) and QD(youngest).

Right Way of Palming

Just by lowering the palmed card in the hand, you are able to hold and move the hand in

a more natural way then you would if you would palm the card in the usual manner.

Regard drawing to see what I mean.

07:00 A.M. – 4,567 words/ 15 ideas

Lost all motivation.

There’s nothing to write about. Go somewhere else.

9:00 A.M. – 4,584 words/ 15 ideas

Bored. Like, really bored.

Well, I can honestly say I have ran dry of ideas for this day. I still have 3 hours until the end of the project and

I’m thinking what I should do with this time. Well, I’ll hang out with you guys.

I’m currently listening to Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Schaarup Edit) and it’s one of the most

beautiful songs I have listened to this year (right next to iamforest - Escape). Both songs found on “”

(credits go to Tobias for introducing me to this website 2 years ago - Thanks man!)

Well,shit. I honestly thought I could actually come up with more stuff, but, nothing. My mind has lost all interest

for creating. My hands are calmly numbing around the cards and my spirit is falling asleep. It would be just tragic to

fall asleep now, but I don’t feel sleepy, so that won’t happen. Pfff, it’s been a long ride guys, just a little more. Hope

you had fun up until now.

11:00 A.M. – 4,753 words/ 15 ideas

Super fucking motivated



Well, shit. Zach has motivated the fuck out of me with that comment of his on my FB page. He’s right, I should

seriously stop staying on the computer.

So, guys, none of the following would have existed without Zach. If you feel like thanking someone, drop him a line.

He deserves it.

Thanks man.

Natura Palm

Spread the cards on the table and make sure the last card -the card you want to palm- is slightly separated

from the rest of the cards.

Hold your right hand naturally at the right end of the spread, in preparation to catch the cards, and with

your left hand lift the left end and reverse the spread (this is done by pushing the last card to the right, making all

the cards to turn around in one beautiful motion). Because of how the card was positioned, when the right end of the

spread will land on your palm, the top card will basically be “Classic Palmed”. All you have to do is push backwards on

the top edge of the card with your ring finger and the card is palmed. Now, there’s no point for you to hold the

spread in display for more than a second, so as soon as the spread is reversed, palm the card while you move your

right hand towards yourself and close the spread while you adjust the card in your palm.

Note: If you want to palm the card in your left hand (”Classic Bottom Palm”) invert everything. Spread the

cards from right to left with your left hand and from that point on proceed like before.


(feat. another dimension)

Deck is spread on the table.

With your left hand reverse the spread, but instead of using your fingers to accomplish this, use the middle

of your palm.

In a smooth circular motion, reverse the deck (hand moves clockwise to the right) then continue the motion

(clockwise to the left) and “palm” the card (it’s more like you hide it under your palm).

From here, I arrange the cards in a circle (thus motivating the hand moving to the left. As soon as I cover the

card, I continue the motion and arrange the cards), all while holding both hands to the table.

After finishing, due to the heat of the palm, if you press slightly on the card, it will stick to your palm, allowing

you to lift off your hand and move it inside the circle.

Raise your hand slightly and using your right fingers pull their selection out of the portal you’re created.

From here, you can continue using the gate for other things as well (vanishes, transportations, ...).

Bottom Reversal

Deck is spread on the table.

Close spread with left hand and upon returning to your usual position (motion is from right to left) your right

hand grabs the deck from above and your left 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger pull on the bottom card and reverse it (like the

Asher Twist only reversed).

Note: You can also bottom palm the card if you want.

The reverse is covered by the deck and the natural motion of the hands.

Proceed by producing the card from the spectator’s ear.

Wash in applause.

Spring Tenkai

Spring the deck from the thumb and close your fingers when you get to the last card, palming the card in


There’s literally nothing else to say. That’s it.

I like to motivate the closing of the fingers by tapping with the back of my hand on the bottom side of the deck,

after the spring is finished.

Spring Classic

You’re gonna hate me for these blunt explanations. Truth is, you just have to give it a couple of tries and then

you’ll know what I mean.

Spring the deck of the fingers and retain the top card. Buckle your thumb. This will send the card directly into

Classical Palm (because the corner snaps of the finger).

Once you get the hang of this you will be able not only to palm the top card, but also to reverse it or the card

beneath it. This provides you with even more applications.

Note: If you spring the cards on the table you will be able to accomplish color changes, vanishes and


This requires playtime.